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We Offer Cutting Edge, Real Science Based Training And Behavior Modification Techniques.

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My name is Mariano Alvarez. I'm the founder and owner of Untamed. Co-host of the Dog Trainer's Podcast and one of the top rated dog trainers in all of Arizona.

We focus on the behavioral sciences of behavior. We build high-level obedience programs for sport and working dogs. We master various teaching styles for our clients who learn things differently. We train dogs, clients, and trainers alike!

We're here to take your relationship with your dog to the next level!

"Mariano isn’t just about churning dogs through his program, he works with the dogs and the owners to build a strong foundation for ongoing success."

-Lynn Doran

Our Programs

Private Lessons

Let professionals show you how it's done. We teach owners the importance of obedience, socialization, play, and relationship-building based on training techniques on the cutting edge of modern training, behavior modification, and sports work.

Board & Train

Your pups stay and train with us! We love to offer top-quality training from one of AZ's best trainers right in his own home! Your pups get to immerse themselves in an environment designed to maximize learning and fun without the added stress of a busy, hectic kennel.


Consistency is key! We happily offer to board to those who've trained with us. Leave town with peace of mind.

Are You Experiencing Any Of These Issues?

We Can Help!

We Guarantee...

  • Raising and developing the perfect companion, sport dog, or working dog goes well beyond simple training of commands.
  • Dog behavior is a well-studied field that can be very insightful and helpful as we learn to further our relationships with our dogs.
  • Dog’s behavior is not just a matter of teaching the dog. Their decision-making process is in large part influenced by the relationship that they have with their handler. This is why people often feel their dogs behave better for their trainer.
  • Teaching a dog can be worlds different from teaching their owners. Humans and dogs can learn in similar ways. However, they can also be quite different. It’s the trainer’s job to be able to navigate both.
  • Finally, I guarantee that we at Untamed make it our mission to master all of these understandings while avoiding all of the typical pitfalls. We work hard to make sure we bring you the very best training programs in the state. Building the best possible relationship with your dog really is an art. Let us show you how to paint the perfect picture!

Why Choose Untamed?

 I always respect and enjoy talking with people who not only want what’s best for their pups, but are willing to be very meticulous and selective when choosing the right trainer for them. 

My answer is pretty simple. People choose us because we strive to be the absolute best! We take the steps to be the best. We spend the time and money to continue to learn what’s new in the world of training and behavior modification. We take a unique and very effective approach to training dogs that allows us to stay right on task with what behavioral sciences have proven to be fun, safe, and effective for our dogs. We also take a unique approach to how we teach our clients. Everyone learns things differently. We work tirelessly to make sure we’re the best dog trainers, as well as human educators that we can be. This is why our client list consists of pet dog owners, sport dog competitors, and even fellow trainers who come to us to learn and take their own programs to the next level.

Our Philosophy

Lack of guidance is often responsible for 99% of behavioral issues. They often feel the need to fend for themselves in order to try and avoid the many stresses and white-noise of daily life in the city.

We offer leadership as a way to protect them and offer them safety and security through guidance and structure. We teach owners how to offer that guidance and become the true leader that their pups can depend on.


Training isn’t one approach fits all. We carefully asses your dog, goals and needs to formulate the perfect training plan. After training thousands of dogs, we have learned that adapting the right training approach for the specific dog in front of us is how you create a strong foundation and relationship.

Here at Untamed we work with every breed, size and issue. We have trained and rehabilitated aggressive dogs, possessive dogs, reactive dogs, fearful dogs, and even the yappy ones!

Co-hosts Brent and Mariano are two long-time friends who share a passion or dog training. With 20 years of experience between them, learning the various methodologies of training, they knew it was time to share some of the invaluable insights they’ve earned during their time in the field.

The Dog Trainer’s podcast offers them the amazing ability to share their experiences as they delve into the many diverse facets of the dog training world.

A trainer’s journey is never complete. Join Brent and Mariano as they continue to learn, grow, and share their knowledge with you!


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Rated 5 Stars, Professional, Trustworthy, Experienced

We have two Shelties about 2 months apart. Our older Sheltie, Skye had been to a board and train that we had a bad experience with. When we got our younger Sheltie, Luna I wanted to do board and train again but was hesitant based on our first experience. After researching more we found Untamed Dog Training. We met with the owner Mariano and instantly felt comfortable with him and the environment. Mariano isn’t just about churning dogs through his program, he works with the dogs and the owners to build a strong foundation for ongoing success. He teaches the philosophy of training not just the commands. Both Skye and Luna went through his 3 week board and train and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. They are only 4 and 6 months old so they have some great basics established now We will continue to work with Mariano for ongoing training for Skye and Luna. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He truly cares about the dogs he trains and about building as successful relationship between pets and owners. We were so blessed to find him.
Lynn Doran
Mariano, McKenna, and the team at Untamed Dog Co. are absolutely incredible. My dog Elfo is a rescue with an abuse history and has had behavioral issues since I rescued him. He barked incessantly at anyone new, nipped at ankles (he’s part Pit so the biting was concerning) and because I don’t personally have any experience with training dogs he didn’t even know basic commands. Elfo spent three weeks with Untamed. He came home today and he’s more relaxed, better behaved, and starting to understand that it’s my job to protect him. Not only do Mariano and his team train the dogs, but they train the owners as well. He gave me a much more in depth insight into why my dog behaves the way he does and helped me to understand the reasoning behind the techniques they use. I cannot thank Mariano and his team enough. It’s incredible to see the change in Elfo. I honestly was skeptical that he could be trained at the start. But, Untamed was nothing short of amazing. He’s still the same loving boy. But he’s now discipled, obedient, and I feel much more in control. I have already given the information for Untamed to quite a few friends and don’t plan on stopping. It can be difficult to find quality trainers and I spent a lot of time looking. I would recommend Untamed to anyone who needs a dog trainer without hesitation. They not only have a firm hand when it comes to training but they do it in a loving way that Elfo was very receptive to. I was able to see how much Elfo trusted and cared for everyone that worked there. We’re so excited to continue with his training at home and with our follow up lessons, and weekend classes! You guys are the best! Thank you for training not just my baby but me as well!
Before Mariano, Wyatt was a nightmare. He was aggressive towards other dogs. He barked constantly. He jumped on people. We dropped out of the PetSmart training class because it just wasn't working. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep him. But then we met with Mariano. He was super friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate. He listened to everything we had to say. He walked us through a step-by-step structured program and gave us specific homework to work on every week. He frequently texted to check in on how we were doing. He was very flexible with scheduling. To be honest, I was initially skeptical of using an e-collar, but Mariano showed us how to use it safely, and I definitely think it helped. In just five weeks, Wyatt was a completely different dog. He walks nicely on a leash. He can calm down and be patient when I tell him to. He comes when I call, every time. And he doesn't frighten visitors any more! My stress level has decreased significantly. I'm looking forward to a long happy life with Wyatt. Mariano is absolutely the best dog trainer I have ever worked with.
Bailey Vidler