We Are Untamed

Meet The Trainer

Mariano is the founder and head trainer of Untamed Dog Co. He realized his passion for dog training while in the United States Air Force at the kennels at Lackland AFB. Since then, he committed himself to a simple goal. Help improve the quality of dog training and coaching worldwide. He’s already recognized as one of the best trainers and behaviorists in all of Arizona. He educates and inspires trainers around the world alongside his co-host Brent via the Dog Trainer’s Podcast. He believes in looking at things from a practical, scientific approach. He believes in delivering results for his clients. And he believes in the value of being a good teacher and mentor for owners and trainers.

What Is Untamed?

Dogs have been our loyal companions for tens of thousands of years. They deserve nothing less than the absolute best. The best in obedience and task training. The best behavior modification practices. The best socialization and desensitization methods. And the best drive and confidence-building techniques. We, the Untamed training team, are devoted to continuing to progress as trainers. This ensures that we will always be able to offer you and your loyal companion top-tier dog training. As well as the latest in cutting-edge human teaching methods for our clients. Untamed is our iteration of the best and most effective dog raising, training, and behavioral practices to date.


Untamed was started by Mariano. He had worked with two of the major extremes in the dog training world. He’s worked with military dogs during his time in the Air Force at Lackland AFB. He’s also worked with civilian clients teaching them how to raise their puppies, teach behaviors, and take their relationships to the next level. These can definitely be looked at as two very different worlds in dog training. Oftentimes, with very little, if any blending or integration between them. Mariano saw this as an opportunity as there are plenty of lessons to be learned in either discipline that would greatly aid trainers in their pursuits of mastering the other. This merger between these two worlds is what Untamed is all about. Bringing the best of both worlds to our clients and their loyal companions.

We Service

The greater Phoenix area and the whole central valley. However, we have clients all throughout the country. We often get dogs sent to us from other US states and even Canada. We love that people are willing to take these steps because they trust in our process and knowledge. We’ve also spent years developing a system to help clients continue to progress with their dogs via virtual follow-up lessons.

Join Our Podcast!

Co-hosts Brent and Mariano are two long-time friends who share a passion or dog training. With 20 years of experience between them, learning the various methodologies of training, they knew it was time to share some of the invaluable insights they’ve earned during their time in the field.
The Dog Trainer’s podcast offers them the amazing ability to share their experiences as they delve into the many diverse facets of the dog training world.
A trainer’s journey is never complete. Join Brent and Mariano as they continue to learn, grow, and share their knowledge with you!