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Private Lessons With Mariano

Owner and head trainer of Untamed Dog Co. Mariano has over 10 years of experience and is constantly auditing and revising training methods and materials to ensure that Untamed and its trainers stay on the cutting edge of proven, data-driven, and modern dog training techniques.

Basic Obedience: A comprehensive program designed to teach obedience, leash manners, boundary-setting, exercise, play, and a customized schedule.

5 private lessons – $1,000

Behavior Modification: A deeper dive for those who need more help from the pros. As well as for dogs who need more help to transform their habits and their lives.

10 private lessons – $2,000

Private Lessons With Lyncoln

Lyncoln came to Mariano as a client looking for help training their service dog, Artemus. It was immediately obvious that Lyncoln had a level of passion, dedication, and love for dog training that Mariano had no choice but to offer him a position with Untamed and the rest is history. Lyncoln has years of experience working with dogs of all ages, developing very fine-tuned obedience and service work, and is currently working with his own puppy to prepare for competition in PSA.

Puppy Raising 101: A customized food, potty, and crate schedule. Building social skills and confidence through play. Intro to basic obedience.

3 private lessons – $375

Basic Obedience: A comprehensive program designed to teach obedience, leash manners, boundary-setting, exercise, play, and a customized schedule.

5 private lessons – $625

Board & Train Limited availability!!

Our board and train programs have quickly become highly sought after. Your dog will live and train with Mariano himself in his private residence. Therefore, boarding space is very limited! Be sure to book in advance or consider our private lesson programs!

Our programs range 3-5 weeks. They include a weekly group lesson during training, as well as 3 follow-up lessons, post-training. Not included in the price are any training tools that you may choose to purchase from us.

$1,000 per week

Boarding Limited availability!

We happily offer boarding to those who’ve trained with us. Leave town with peace of mind. Know that your pups will enjoy hanging with their own trainers and classmates in a familiar, more exclusive setting. Boarding space is extremely limited so be sure to book early!

Boarding is for training clients only. Past and present!

$60 per night – normal rate

Major holidays are subject to holiday rates to ensure we can reward staff for their hard work*

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we happily offer free training evaluations! These are the perfect opportunity to meet and assess your training needs. This will allow us to point you toward the program that’d be best suited for you and your dog.

They stay in Mariano’s private residence during the duration of their stay. We’re located right off of Greenway and 30th AVE. We accept very few dogs at a time! This allows for your dog to enjoy their time in a calm, clean, and orderly home. We believe that this more natural and intimate setting is optimal for learning and minimizing the stress of a typical high-volume training facility. Comfort and safety come first!

Yes, we completely understand that you are willing to do what it takes to work with a trainer that you trust. We greatly appreciate that trust and we’re willing to travel to help you. That being said, traveling more than 30 miles may result in extended range travel fees to help us cover extra travel time and expense.

Our training programs include a lesson while your dog is here with us. This gives owners a chance to not only visit, but also to work with their dogs as they progress through their training programs. Thus, allowing us to present info and begin your practice in a gradual and steady pace that is optimal for learning!

If need be, we can split the payment into two equal payments. The first half is due upon booking to confirm space. The second half is due on the day of drop-off for boarding and training, or the day of 2nd lesson for private lessons.

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Co-hosts Brent and Mariano are two long-time friends who share a passion or dog training. With 20 years of experience between them, learning the various methodologies of training, they knew it was time to share some of the invaluable insights they’ve earned during their time in the field.
The Dog Trainer’s podcast offers them the amazing ability to share their experiences as they delve into the many diverse facets of the dog training world.
A trainer’s journey is never complete. Join Brent and Mariano as they continue to learn, grow, and share their knowledge with you!

What Clients Have Said About Us