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Training Programs That Fit Your Needs!

Our programs keep you in the driver’s seat of your dog’s education. It’s a unique take on training and coaching that has been our secret for long-lasting results. Whether it’s Private Lessons, or Boarding and Training, the goal is simple. Let the dog trainer teach you to be your dog’s trainer!

Our Programs

Private Lessons With Mariano

Owner and head trainer of Untamed Dog Co. Mariano has over 11 years of experience and is constantly auditing and revising training methods and materials to ensure that Untamed and its trainers stay on the cutting edge of proven, data-driven, and modern dog training techniques

Private Lesson at our facility $200

3 Private lesson Package $550

6 Private Lesson Packages $1050

Mariano does happily offer travel lessons. They will include a $60 travel fee for each travel lesson. They are subject to a 20-mile distance. Further travel lessons will include additional travel fees.

Private Lessons With Lyncoln

Lyncoln came to Mariano as a client looking for help training their service dog, Artemus. It was immediately obvious that Lyncoln had a level of passion, dedication, and love for dog training that Mariano had no choice but to offer him a position with Untamed and the rest is history. Lyncoln has years of experience working with dogs of all ages, developing very fine-tuned obedience and service work, and is currently working with his own puppy to prepare for competition in PSA.

Private Lesson at our facility $125

3 Private lesson Package $350

6 Private Lesson Packages $650

Board & Train

Puppy Preschool $2,500

Our two-week program is for puppies 6 months old and younger. Let us help you set your puppy up for success by establishing healthy routines for potty, eating, and playtime. As well as develop social skills and confidence in new situations and environments. And, of course, a proper introduction to basic obedience.

Training Fundamentals $4,000

Our four-week Training Fundamentals program is our most popular program for most dogs as it gives our team enough time to create a solid base and good habits. The perfect program for first-time dog owners. This program is designed to keep things simple and master the fundamentals of good training!

Behavioral Rehab $5,500

Our six-week program was carefully designed for dogs with more serious behavioral issues. The time allows us to build a meaningful relationship with a dog necessary to help them bring about real and lasting change!

*Learning alongside your dog is the secret to long-term success. This is why our Board & Train programs include progress lessons while your dog is training with us, as well as post-training follow-up lessons


We love it when clients feel free to leave town with peace of mind. We want you to know that your pups will enjoy hanging with experienced trainers in a home! We strive for a familial, low-stress, and exclusive setting! Boarding space is limited so be sure to book early!

$60 per night normal rate

$70 per night Holiday rate

Major holidays are subject to holiday rates to ensure we can reward staff for their hard work. Rates cover major national Holidays and immediate surrounding dates (EX: Thanksgiving day, the Wednesday before, and the Friday after). Contact us for more info.


We are excited to offer daycare again! Daycare services will resume December 12th but spaces book up fast so be sure to book ahead of time! We offer a smaller, more exclusive daycare setting with a maximum of 10 dogs at a time! Our daycare staff are extensively trained in-house by our dog training team to ensure that your pups are always kept under a loving and watchful eye to ensure safety and maximum fun! Our well-kept daycare yard is shaded all year, cooled in the summer, and sanitized daily! Contact us for more info!

Daycare $35 per day

All new dogs will be required to complete a free daycare evaluation*

All dogs on property are always required to have up to date vaccines*

Frequently Asked Question

We work with an awesome software called Gingr. This software allows for you to make your dog a comprehensive profile. In it, you can do everything from request booking for appointments and reservations to uploading your pup's vaccine records and include their feeding and medication schedules. You can view and pay invoices via your credit or debit card, and so much more! Be sure to click the tab on our site labeled "Client Portal" or click here to get started! Call/Text us with any questions.

We require deposits of %100 of the cost of your lesson at the time of booking. If you need to cancel or reschedule please give us at least 48-hours notice. This gives us a chance to rebook that time slot and you will receive the entire amount back to your CC or original form of payment.

Private lesson packages are paid in one payment. If you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson please give us at least 48-hours notice. This gives us a chance to rebook that time slot and you will not forfeit that lesson credit.

Board and train means just that, the dog is trained by our professional trainers while being boarded at our training facility. The dog stays the duration of its program at the facility (usually 4-6 weeks depending on the program) and is returned at the end of the training program when the owners have finished their own education with the trainers.

  • Board and train offers a quick, efficient, and economical solution to problem behaviors.

  • While some people have a great deal of time to dedicate to their dog’s training, yielding fair results, most people do not. Our trainers, having a great deal of practice and experience, can train your dog efficiently in a short period of time.

  • A board and train program is critical for any dog suffering from fear, aggression, or anxiety as these types of issues require a skilled hand to achieve successful results. While some people do chose to fix these issues on their own, we do not recommend it. Poor training can create very dangerous situations.

  • Board and train offers more exposure to the world. Our seasoned trainers can introduce your dog (the right way) to more people, dogs, places, and things in one week than most people can in months, thereby creating a calmer, more well-rounded pup overall.

  • In our board and train program, we do the heavy lifting training your dog. This allows you to focus on developing your skills as an owner to ensure that you can maintain what has been taught.

They stay in Mariano’s private residence during the duration of their stay. We’re located right off of Greenway and 30th AVE. We accept very few dogs at a time! This allows for your dog to enjoy their time in a calm, clean, and orderly home. We believe that this more natural and intimate setting is optimal for learning and minimizing the stress of a typical high-volume training facility. Comfort and safety come first!

Our training programs include lessons while your dog is here with us. This gives owners a chance to not only visit, but also to work with their dogs as they progress through their training programs. Thus, allowing us to present info and begin your practice in a gradual and steady pace that is optimal for learning!

All dogs must be up to date on vaccines: Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, and Parvo.

A 50% deposit is required to reserve a board and train space. The other 50% is due on your scheduled start date.

We do not limit our training to any one training method or methodology. We utilize a wide variety of training techniques and tools to make sure we can help every dog that comes through our doors.

We make use of leashes, prong collars, slip leads, e-collars, toys, food, and much more. It depends on what will work best for you and your dog. To learn more be sure to check us out on social media @untameddogco and our podcast The Dog Trainer's Podcast.

Booking in packages is a great way to save money and ensure a comprehensive training experience with our trainers!

Mariano does happily offer travel lessons. They will include a $60 travel fee for each travel lesson. They are subject to a 20-mile distance limit. Farther lessons will incur additional travel fees.

Private lesson packages are eligible for travel lessons as well. They would also incur a $60 travel fee per travel lesson. Any lessons done at our facility will not incur any additional fees beyond the original cost of the lesson or package of lessons.

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Co-hosts Brent and Mariano are two long-time friends who share a passion or dog training. With 20 years of experience between them, learning the various methodologies of training, they knew it was time to share some of the invaluable insights they’ve earned during their time in the field.
The Dog Trainer’s podcast offers them the amazing ability to share their experiences as they delve into the many diverse facets of the dog training world.
A trainer’s journey is never complete. Join Brent and Mariano as they continue to learn, grow, and share their knowledge with you!

What Clients Have Said About Us