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Training Programs That Fit Your Needs!

Private Lessons, Board and Trains, Group classes, Behavior Modification and Much More!

We Can Help Create The Obedient Dog Of Your Dreams!

Let professionals show you how it’s done. We teach owners the importance of obedience, socialization, play, and relationship-building based on training techniques on the cutting edge of modern training, behavior modification, and sports work.

Training with Mariano:

Consultation in-home: $225

Consultation at facility: $150

Private in-home lesson $275

Package of 5 – $1,250

Private lesson at our facility $200

Package of 5 – $875

Board & Train

Your pups stay and train with us! We love to offer top-quality training from one of AZ’s best trainers right in his own home! Your pups get to immerse themselves in an environment designed to maximize learning and fun without the added stress of a busy, hectic kennel. 


$1100 per week. Our programs include weekly lessons during training, as well as 4 follow-up lessons, post-training. Our programs typically range from 3-6 weeks depending on your dog, your goals, etc. Not included in the price are any training tools that you may purchase from us.


Give us a call to schedule a consultation! 323-438-2255

In-home consultations – $225

Consultations held here at our facility – $150


Our training and behavior modification programs range from 3-5 weeks. Service dogs and working dogs can be longe

Where Does Your Dog Stay?

They stay in Mariano’s home during the duration of their training program. They are kept safely separated from other dogs in a safe, clean, climate-controlled, and air-purified room. We have a sound machine for them for their comfort. We’re located right off of Greenway and 30th AVE.


We post training videos of our training dogs on Instagram so owners can stay up to date with their training.

Can I Visit My Dog?

Our training programs include weekly lessons while your dog is here with us. This gives owners a chance to not only visit, but to work with their dogs as they progress through their training programs.

Payment Plan Options?

If need be, we can split the payment into two equal payments. The first half is due upon booking to confirm space. The second half is due on the day of drop-off for boarding and training, or the day of 2nd lesson for private lessons.

What Does Their Day To Day Look Like?

Our days at Untamed start at 6:30 am. From the moment we  wake up, training starts. Every potty break includes obedience or a game exercise to build a strong relationship with your dog.


After the first potty break, we feed breakfast then the workday starts!

Throughout the day, your dog will get 4+ lessons (varies depending on the length of lesson) 

Aside from training lessons, we spend time playing with your dog! 

We feed dinner at 3 pm, with another potty break at 6 pm.

We wrap our day up at 9 pm with their final potty break.



Consistency is key! We happily offer boarding to those who’ve trained with us. Leave town with peace of mind. Know that your pups will enjoy hanging with their own trainers and classmates in a familiar, more exclusive setting. We accommodate your pup’s feeding, medication, exercise/play, and potty schedules. As well as maintain the training protocols that we’ve set in place to bring out the best in them.

Boarding is for training clients only. Past and present!

$50 per night – normal rate

Shadow   Mariano

Ready to take your professional training to the next level? Mariano offers a shadow program to professional dog trainers. He’s had shadows from around the US and Canada. He offers his expertise and insights into dog training for pet obedience, sport work and drive development, behavior modification, techniques for teaching owners, building programs, running a staff, and so much more! He takes one shadow at a time, so space is limited.


Call for more info.